around-world3.jpgIt is so exciting to be sharing in this social network classroom for both my students and me. They are very excited as I am. I look forward to spending more time with the classrooms that are members of this site. 

Please join our Around The World with 80 Schools community by becoming a member at

Around the World with 80 Schools started in January 2009 and is an ongoing project. The challenge is to connect your students with 80 schools from around the world via Skype (a free video conferencing tool). Once completed, you will be inducted into the Hall of Fame of "Skyping Certified Educator" :)

So make sure you keep documentation of your connections. It is up to you how regularly and for how long you connect with your Skype partners. The only requirement to count as a "connection" is that you are connecting your students with another school anywhere in the world. While it will take some participants a few months to complete the challenge, it might take others several years and different student groups to connect with 80 schools. There is no time limit nor pressure to make a certain amount of Skype connections in a given time period. You are welcome to join with your students at any time. There is no grade nor subject area limitations.

  1. Become a member of a fast growing community
    Create a profile to be able to contact and be contacted by interested educators from around the world.
  2. Create a blog through the community to document your connections, add images, videos or links and share success stories as well as challenges
  3. When you have completed 80 connections, submit application (more info to come soon) to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.