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Chocowinity Primary School & MICDS
Chocowinity, NC & St. Louis, MS
688 miles
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Haultain Community School
Bangkok, Thailand & Regina Canada
12 474 kilometres
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ISB & San Jose Episcopal Parish Day School
Bangkok, Thailand & Jacksonville, Florida
15 107 kilometres
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St.Sebastian & Corpus Christi School
Belle Vernon, PA & San Francisco, CA
2,623 miles
Awesome experience for both myself, students and other teachers that popped in. The students from San Francisco were 2nd graders. My students are 1st graders. The children enjoyed themselves as well as learned about projects the other students were doing. Several students in San Francisco presented their coat of arms (Family bonding project) and a student from Belle Vernon presented his California State Symbol report. Students shared the weather and more. After the call we discussed what was the same and different in the classrooms. The students enjoyed the immediate feedback on their projects. We can't wait to contact our next school.

EBS Gonçalves Zarco & SJEDS
Funchal, Madeira & Jacksonville, Florida
4815.18 Kilometers
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ISB & Jackson School
Bangkok, Thailand & Newton, MA, USA
13 721 kilometres
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ISB & Agnes Risley School
Bangkok, Thailand & Sparks, Nevada
12 757.26 kilometres
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ISB & Berwick Lodge Primary School
Bangkok, Thailand & Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
7 399.65 kilometres
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Benton Elementary School
Bangkok, Thailand, &
Benton City, MA, USA
14 530.08 kilometres
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Benton Elementary School & ISB
Benton, TN USA & Bangkok Thailand
9049 miles
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Holy Family Primary &
San Francisco &
Luddenham NSW Australia

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Colegio Goethe - Agnes Risley School
Buenos Aires- Argentina - Sparks
& Reno
Nevada - USA
10.360 km
10.445 km
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Colegio Goethe - Norwood School
Buenos Aires - Argentina - Norwood
Colorado - USA
9.643 km
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Dillon Valley Elementary in Colorado-USA
Hershey Public School in Nebraska-USA
315 miles
Senior’s in Ms. DaMoude’s Spanish class chatted with the Ms. Johnson’s 2nd grade Spanish literacy class. We learned that kids in Nebraska ski on water and not on snow and that there are lots of lakes in Nebraska.Ms. DaMoude’s students read a story and our second graders acted out the story in front of the camera. Both groups did a great job with their Spanish! One more highlight was Luke showing the seniors his moves on the dance floor. We had a great time and cannot wait to do it again.
Colegio Goethe - Hafford Central School
Buenos Aires Argentina - Saskatchewan Canada

ISB & Spring Gully Primary School
Bangkok, Thailand - Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
7238.21 kilometres
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ISB & Tokyo International School
Bangkok, Thailand - Tokyo, Japan
4589.65 kilometres
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This skype connection was extra special because we had the AroundtheWorldwith80Schools creator, Mrs Silvia Tolisano in our class in Bangkok when we skyped with TIS!!
ISB & Appleby School
Bangkok, Thailand - Nelson, New Zealand
9,619.17 kilometres
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Benton Elementary School & Spring Gully Primary
Benton, TN USA
Bendigo, Australia
15,829 miles
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Moyock Elementary School & Shepherd Elementary School

Intermediate School-Nelson / Bor Akın Gönen Anadolu Lisesi Niğde
Both schools are in North Carolina MES is in Coastal Region and SES is in Piedmont Region

New Zealand and Turkiye
341 Miles

16 822km
We had a great time connecting with Shepherd Elementary School for our First Connection! We learned that they have about the same number of students in their school as we do. They have a lot more snow than we do! Their school mascot is Shep the Eagle.

We tried to connect to a school in New Zealand in order to share ideas and cultures .That was really great but unfortunately we couldn't meet the class due to the time difference between Turkiye and New Zealand (9 hours)too much but the teacher Cass Parker was so kind to accept our skpe call.She was at home and it was at arround 6 pm there and it was 9 am here in Turkiye.She had two lovely sons we had the chance to see them .It was winter there and spring here. We have learnt their traditional food which was made of beef and vegetables and took too many hours to cook.And the preparation of the food was really diferent first they dig a hole in the garden very early in the morning arround 4 am as far as I remember and then wait for the meal to
be cooked for several hours and this is called "honey"(we are not sure how it is written but the pronunciation is like this).This was a nice experience and we want to exchange addresses and be e-pals or penfriends:)we all enjoyed this activity and thanks to Cass Parker one more time to accept us though she seemed quite busy with her two sons.<a href=["></a>this]] is the blog of her class.
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Newell- Fonda
Midlothian, TX

Newell-Fonda first graders talked to the first graders at Vitovsky Elementary in Midlothian, Texas.
We talked about the weather in their town. It was mild and in the 60's there.
They were surprised to see all of the snow in Iowa. Our temp. was also below zero so quite a difference from there.
Their class size is 17 ours is 22, but they have 6 first grades and we only have one.
We showed a picture of the snow in front of our school.