During the Skype Call

  • Make sure your webcam is mounted stable and pointing to share the faces of your students (not the top of their heads or the ceiling)
  • It is helpful to have a "hot seat" in front of the webcam/microphone. The "other side" will be able to focus better on one or a few people rather than a larger crowd.
  • Have a rule of only one person speaking at a time. It gets very confusing if several people are speaking at once for your listeners/viewers.
  • If you have several students who will be talking, make sure they vacate and take the hot seat quietly and least amount of movement.
  • Background crowd needs to move as little as possible, as that constitutes a major distraction.
  • Introduce yourself and your class to your "visitors".
  • Have students ask their questions or share, show and tell about topics you have prepared.
  • Take photos of your students faces, general area, and students with the projector screen and the skype screen with the other school in the background.
  • Keep the call under 5 minutes.
  • Say goodbye as a class.

Here is a suggested timeline:
  • Hello (15 sec)
  • Intro of School 1 (school/geographic location) (30 sec.)
  • Intro of School 2 (school/geographic location) (30 sec.)
  • School 1 shares (1 min)
  • School 2 shares (1 min)
  • Data collection Question (30 sec.)
  • Goodbye (15 sec)

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