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Montreal, Canada
This connection was part of the sixth grade interviews for the Jewish History Fair. It's topic was "Jews Around the World". We were speaking with a sixth grade class from the Hebrew Academy of Montreal.
Do you celebrate any Jewish holidays? How do you celebrate them? How large is your Jewish community there?
Is there a synagogue in your community? What are the services like is it orthodox, conservative,or reformed?
Do you feel safe to practice Judaism there? Which branch of Judaism do you practice?
Have you experienced anti-semitism? If yes, tell us about it. How do the boys and girls celebrate bar and bat mitzvahs? Do they have parties? Do they lead services? How do the children learn about being Jewish there? Day schools? After noon schools? or mostly from their parents?Do you observe Shabbat in your home or go to services? Do Jews dress differently or wear kippahs?

Binyamina, Israel
This was our longest Skype connection so far. Students from Binyamina, Israel came especially after school to talk with us in Florida. There is a 7 hour time difference. Each 5th grade class had several presentations prepared for each other. After students introduced themselves in Hebrew to each other, we watched the Israelis perform a dance for us, give us directions to a game, where two teams hide and protect a flag from being captured, give us the Sports news, and cook a 10 minute chocolate cake for us. We had students play the keyboard and the guitar as well as share the Twilight book saga with the partner class.


New Cumberland PA
Fairview Elementary

Kentwood, MI
Valleywood Middle School
6th, 7th & 8th graders taught a Social Studies 7th grade class who were studying "World Religions". Students ask many questions about Judaism.

Wallingford, CT
We spoke with two students from James H. Moran Middle School. They took us on a tour of their school and their wifi even reached outside of their building to allow us to enjoy snow all the way from Florida. We learned the following from Connecticut:
Current Temperature: 35 F
Bridgeport is largest city in Connecticut.

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Hadera, Israel
3rd graders skyped with another 3rd grade class from Hadera, Israel. Both class were dressed up in honor of the Purim holiday.

Currituck, North Carolina
A Kindergarten class read "Woolbur" by Leslie Helakoski to our Kindergarten class.

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
One of their students introduced the class in Hebrew. He used to live in Israel. They loved to watch the Olympics just as we did too. They learn English & French at school. THey have 198 students in their school and 18 kids in their 5th grade class. Their favorite speed skater is Denny Morrison. Favorite athlete was Shaun White and Mile Riccer.

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Luzern, Switzerland
Our second graders were interviewed by a second grade class from the International School of Zug and Luzern. They asked questions about the weather, food, clothing, jobs, lifestyle, housing, plants and animals.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
We skyped with Banaadir Academy. Many of their students are from Somalia. This skype call was the second in a series of connections to learn with and about different World Religions. Students asked each other questions about Judaism and Islam.

Austin, Texas/USA
Jollyville Elementary School. We skyped with another 5th grade class from Austin, Texas.

Khartoum, Sudan
American School of Khartoum. The third Skype connection for our 7th graders to learn about World Religions.

Denmark, Wisconsin
Denmark Elementary School,
Live Blog Post:
"Temperature is in the mid 30
Schools population is 900
they have a class pet that is a bunny
they are the dairy state
their favorite books is "Holes"
their favorite subject is Skype
they have a skype book that they use"
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San Fransisco, CA
Corpus Christi Salesian School

Nova Venza, Brazil
Francisco Alves School
We had a few technical difficulties with our connection. The sound was breaking and video images froze. We used Skype chat:
Write the name of the city
[4/27/10 10:01:30 AM] Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano: jacksonville florida
[4/27/10 10:01:47 AM] Mirelle- Nova Venza, Brazil: nova veneza goias
[4/27/10 10:03:14 AM] Mirelle- Nova Venza, Brazil: larissa ingryd
[4/27/10 10:03:56 AM] Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano: leslie and orly
[4/27/10 10:04:39 AM] Mirelle- Nova Venza, Brazil: read plis
[4/27/10 10:04:59 AM] Mirelle- Nova Venza, Brazil: write please
[4/27/10 10:05:11 AM] Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano: what school do you go to, and what grade level are you?
[4/27/10 10:05:53 AM] Mirelle- Nova Venza, Brazil: francisco alves school
[4/27/10 10:06:09 AM] Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano: cool. What grade are you in?
[4/27/10 10:06:28 AM] Mirelle- Nova Venza, Brazil: high scool
[4/27/10 10:06:37 AM] Mirelle- Nova Venza, Brazil: school
[4/27/10 10:06:48 AM] Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano: what year?
[4/27/10 10:06:59 AM] Mirelle- Nova Venza, Brazil: 1
[4/27/10 10:07:23 AM] Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano: we are in the 7th grade
[4/27/10 10:07:50 AM] Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano: is it hard for you to learn english?
[4/27/10 10:08:11 AM] Mirelle- Nova Venza, Brazil: yes
[4/27/10 10:08:48 AM] Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano: we learn hebrew during school, it is also hard
[4/27/10 10:09:00 AM] Mirelle- Nova Venza, Brazil: clara
[4/27/10 10:09:26 AM] Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano: hi, i'm manya
[4/27/10 10:09:33 AM] Mirelle- Nova Venza, Brazil: heloo
[4/27/10 10:09:39 AM] Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano: hello, my name is jacob
[4/27/10 10:09:48 AM] Mirelle- Nova Venza, Brazil: cool
[4/27/10 10:10:18 AM] Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano: do you speak portugues with eachother or english
[4/27/10 10:10:38 AM] Mirelle- Nova Venza, Brazil: portugues
[4/27/10 10:10:55 AM] Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano: do you have any questions for us?
[4/27/10 10:11:19 AM] Mirelle- Nova Venza, Brazil: would you like learn portuguese?
[4/27/10 10:11:37 AM] Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano: I would love to
[4/27/10 10:11:45 AM] Mirelle- Nova Venza, Brazil: nice
[4/27/10 10:12:14 AM] Mirelle- Nova Venza, Brazil: how old are you?
[4/27/10 10:12:24 AM] Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano: we are 14
[4/27/10 10:12:29 AM] Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano: 13
[4/27/10 10:12:38 AM] Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano: how old are you?
[4/27/10 10:12:44 AM] Mirelle- Nova Venza, Brazil: 15

Helsinki, Finnland
International School of Helsinki
Great conversation between third graders. We learned so much about each other. Students asked about the weather, wild animals, favorite food, movies, TV shows, how they get to school, languages they speak, nationalities in their class, etc. What a wonderful global awareness experience.


Around the World With 80 Schools- Helsinki from langwitches on Vimeo.

Rosario, Argentina
CILEL school of English
Unfortunately we had technical difficulties. Rosario was not able to hear us, but we could not hear them. Students started using the text chat with each other on Skype.

Hamilton, New Zealand
Melville Intermediate School. Although a 16 hour time zone difference, we were able to skype with two wonderful students from Melville Intermediate School. They were 8th graders.

Franconia, NH
Mr. Ferguson's Classroom Site
Lafayette Regional School
We spoke to another 4th grade class. Mr. Ferguson, their teacher, was not with them. His wife just had a baby. The students were skyping like pros. Mr. Ferguson should be very proud how he prepared them to conduct connections!