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Sparks, Nevada/USA
Favorite book: Twilight
Shared with us the Bicycle Project.
2239.08 mi
Fort Meyers, Florida/USA
Favorite Subject in School: PE

Shared with us National Hug Day.
2350.81 mi
Regina, Canada
Favorite food: Pizza

They play outdoor Hockey in the snow!

Shared with us their blog and Flat Stanley project.

-47 degrees celcius in Regina Canada
2039.84 mi

Mrs. Brown shared with us a slideshow of activities that they do in the Canadian winter

St. Petersburg, FL
Favorite book: Poppy

Super Bowl will be played in Tampa in a few weeks.

St. Petersburg is on the East Coast of Florida
1944.03 mi
Mt. Vernon, WA
They have a Beach close that is very rocky. Sometimes they can see Orca whales off their beaches.
They grow many different types of Tulips in their area.

Favorite Food: Pizza
2545.37 mi
Southampton, MA
Kindergarten Students compared how in Massachusetts they have Snow days they have to make up, while in Florida we have Hurricane days to make up.
We showed each other a view from our window.
MA- white with lots of snow
FL- green with trees

Favorite class book: Hush Little Alien
2399.75 mi
Deerfield, NH
NH has had a lot of snow lately. Many of their students had been to Florida, but only our Kindergarten teacher had been to New Hampshire. 9 out of 17 Florida students had never seen snow.

Do you wear uniforms?
NH- No
Florida- Yes
98.15 mi
Funchal, Portugal
Favorite Food; Pizza
Students live on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. They are big soccer fans. We shared that our 5th graders are going to Washington the following day.
2992.02 mi
Los Angeles, CA
Students in Los Angeles participated in an "Egg Drop" competition. They live close to the Santa Monica beach and are about 2 hours away from Mexico.
Their classroom blog
5560.13 mi
Madrid, Spain
Happy Valentine's Day
First Grade Students greeting their buddies from the "I have a dream VoiceThread" project.
5821.19 mi
Hawkesdale, Australia
Tech Connect Evening- Six Schools, Six Countries, One Hour
11 & 12 th graders
It is summer there right now
Boomerang is used for hunting, killing animals
Lots of Koalas and Kangaroos
Waltzing Matilda is an Australian folk song
Red White and Blue flag
10634.81 mi
Bangkok, Thailand
5th Graders
81 year old king
15106.82 km away from Jacksonville ~9320.56 miles
About 53 different nationalities
International School
1870 students at the school
They are in the rainy season- hot and humid
They have many After School Activities
Soccer is a very popular sport
Their Classroom Blog
4500.82 mi
Busan, South Korea
One student used to live in Jacksonville
best food in cafeteria is Pizza
Many of the students have been to the USA
Popular sport: soccer
Really hot in the summer
2311.11 mi
other side of the world
Audio was not working well
2856.07 mi
Beijing, China
4th Graders
Wear red shirts as part of their uniform
School is on East side of Beijing
They like to play football, soccer, rollerskating, ping pong, basketball, badminton, Monopoly
Their teacher, Mrs. Davis is from Canada
Each student is from a different country, no Chinese students are at the school
They all speak English and Chinese and the language of their home country.
They travel a lot during their vacation
Just celebrated the Chinese New Year (Year of the Ox)
Currently -2 C
About 850 students at school from 41 countries
They like to eat ice cream
They just learned about Alaska
2789.94 mi
Brisbane, Australia
2nd Graders
Net Ball- Like Basketball, but you don't dribble, you have to throw it into a goal
Sunny and hot
They play soccer, cricket, football and netball (for girls), swimming, tennis
They live close to the Pacific Ocean
They live close to a bay. "Molten Bay"
One family of their class lives on a boat
28 C- 82 F
26 kids in class- 16 are boys
compared activities in school
wear uniforms
Their Classroom Blog
5225.16 mi
San Francisco, CA
Their Class Wiki
It is about 60 F in San Francisco today. They live close to the Pacific Ocean. The Golden Gate Bridge is a famous landmark. We learned that they have the "crooketest" street in the world there.
Their favorite subject in school is: computers.
204 students go to their school.
Their favorite food in the cafeteria is Hot Dogs and Pizza.
7077.43 mi
Kea'au, Hawaii
Kamehameha School Hawai'i

We learned that only Hawaiian children go to their school. The school has three campuses on three different islands. They live and go to school on the big island. Their school has 256 students. They are about 25 miles away from a volcano.
They showed us how to dance Hula!!!
Their favorite food in the cafeteria is: Nachos
2319.84 mi

Ottawa, Ontario
A. Lorne Cassidy Elementary School
Teacher: Mr. Toft
WindChill Factor of -28 today in Canada

Mr. Toft's 5th graders won an award for their podcast show "Portable Radio". They had an amazing trophy. They interviewed Daniel Cook.

They have over 30 students in their class. Two of their students are from Korea.

They do not have a cafeteria. They eat at their desk and bring in lunch. Their favorite food they eat for lunch is Pizza and Hot Dogs.
4748.37 mi
Wichita, Kansas
L'Ouverture Technology Magnet School.
They are about an hour away from Greenville.
Their school mascot is a road runner. They are a technology magnet school. Each classroom has a laptop cart and a SmartBoard.
1215.25 mi

Sahuarita, Arizona
Sahuarita School District
Our backchannel chat of the connection
Their favorite food is: chicken, corn dog and cheese pizza
870 mi

Norwood, Colorado
Norwood School
They are located at 7014 feet above sea level and are surrounded by mountains. Norwood school has about 300 students and do not wear a uniform.
452.83 mi
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Goethe Schule
Kindergarten students connected to play the "Shhhhh" game. Kindergarteners in Buenos Aires speak German and Spanish, while ours speak English and are just learning Spanish. They sang a song about the Easter Bunny in German to us, while we shared the song "If you are happy and you know it". Everyone practiced hopping like a bunny in their classroom. Everyone also wanted to know each other's name.
5949.78 mi
East London, South Africa
Stirling Primary School.
East London, South Africa is 8367 miles away from Jacksonville, FL/USA
Their school motto is: Consilio et Animis" = By wisdom and courage. They have about 1000 students between the ages of 4-13 years old.
Both of our schools wear uniforms. Jacksonville is located on the Atlantic Ocean, while East London is on the Indian Ocean. South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere and starting the winter season, while Florida is heading into the summer season.
Their favorite food is Pasta and Pizza
4803 miles

Bedford, England
Goldington Middle School has about 680 students. They are in session from 8.30-3.40 pm.
Bedford is about one hour away from London. Their favorite food is fish & chips , pizza and pasta. They call the movies "cinema" and told us about the river their city has, the water festival and the Butterfly Park.
6137.21 mi

Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Cotswold Prep School. The school is in Port Elizabeth and has about 340 students, similar to our school. Grades 1 to 3 and pre primary. They play cricket, soccer and netball.
It was the first time that they connected with another school via Skype
Port Elizabeth city has a new stadium for the 2010 Fifa World Cup.
We learned that the metropolitan area of Port Elizabeth is called Nelson Mandela bay, named after Nelson Mandela, the ex-president. He is still alive and 91 years old.
Our students wanted to know what they had know about the USA. They told us that they thought America was a wealthy country and that many TV shows come from here. They like the cartoon network.
6160.86 mi

Swansea, UK
Olchfa School is a big school with almost 2000 students. They study subjects (which they call "lessons") such as Math, P.E., Art, English, French, Geography and Tech.
They are located in Wales, United Kingdom, not in England! Their favorite lunch : Sandwiches, Salad and Pasta.
6180.14 miles

Gadsden, Alabama
R.A. Mitchell School
They have 18 students in Mrs. Singleton's 2nd grade class.
They love the petting zoo as well as a big waterfall in their town. You can even walk a trail under the waterfall.
Weather & Temperature: 70 Degrees today.
They are learning about endangered animals and shared some of their research with us. They had learned about the killer whale, which our 2nd grade will be seeing on their fieldtrip to Seaworld.
4102.9 miles
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Colegio Northlands
They have 32 students in their 2nd grade class.
Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and in the Southern Hemisphere. Currently they are in the spring season and getting ready to finish their school year.
Weather: hot
They have learned about natural disaster and we shared some information about hurricanes with them.
One of their students had the same name and almost the same birthday than one of our students.

We had a second connection call with Colegio Northlands, a week later.
We learned that it was 14 Degrees Celcius that day and found out that soccer and football is the same thing.
We had a great time singing "God Bless America" to their class and they sang "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Polk-a-dot Bikin" to us!

Kilauea, HI
Kauai Pacific School,
Temperature: 85 Degrees F
It has never snowed in HI
There are hurricanes and tsunamis. Although they have not had a tsunami in more than 7 years. No tornadoes.
We learned that the island does NOT observer daylight savings time.
The class shared an amazing Hawaiian chant with us.
7678.15 mi

Etzion Bloc, Israel
Neveh Channah Girls High School. We spoke with teacher Reuven Werber, since students already had left for the day. He created a special website for us where he shared a video and information about the school.
We have a 7 hours time difference. They are ahead of us.
The school is located 20 minutes from Jerusalem. They often go to Jerusalem for dinner or to the movies. The school is an orthodox high school for girls.
We learned that the campus of the school is located on the road that Abraham and Isaak had walked on as Abraham was taking his son to be sacrificed. We also learned that they play many sports in Israel, but soccer and basketball are their favorite sports.


Sandy, Utah
Lone Peak Elementary. ( 800 + students)
Mr. Jerman's 6th grade class
Temperature: in the 40s. They live near the Great Salt Lake.
The Olympics took place in Utah.
They are about 30 miles from Salt Lake City, UT.
Sandy is surrounded by many mountains. (Rocky mountains. ) Students go skiing and snowboarding a lot. They have a 2 hours time difference with Florida. We are ahead of them.

Port Hardy, BC/ Canada
Eagle View Elementary School on Vancouver Island.
Jacksonville and Port Hardy are over 2700 miles away from each other. We are on the Atlantic Ocean, while they are an island in the Pacific Ocean.
Mrs. Soltau-Heller's class
First and Second Graders.
The Winter Olympics will be held in 2010 in Vancouver
Temperature today: 4 Degrees Celcius (~39 Degrees Fahrenheit).
They have killer whales swimming around their island all the time. We only see Shamu in Seaworld.
We shared that we have Manatees swimming in our rivers here in Florida.
Our students sang the national Anthem of Israel to them and we heard "Oh Canada", their national anthem.
The language spoken by the First Nations peoples in their community (Kwakiutl),is called Kwakwala. They told us "Gilakasla" which means welcome and thank you. We told them "Shalom".
Our students used Todaysmeet.com to backchannel the skype call. Download the backchannel log (pdf)

San Salvador, El Salvador
Academia Britanica Cuscaleca.
Students shared with use a great presentation ahead of our Skype call.
We learned that they like to play the same kinds of sports as we do: Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball.
They live at the base of a volcano that is still active. Many of the students have hiked up the volcano.
We shared with them, that the United States just celebrated the holiday of "Thanksgiving" and that we are about to celebrate Hannukah. We explained the history behind those two holidays.

San Jose, Costa Rica
Country Day School.
They have about 20 students in their class.
Students showed us on the map where Costa Rica was.
It was about 88 Degree F in Costa Rica.
Costa Rica has beautiful beaches and mountains. Their main language is Spanish. They have a different accent.

We were surprised to learn that there was one Jewish student in their class.
They showed us a model they built of a Navajo Indian town.
It was about 88 Degree F in Costa Rica.

Lima, Peru
Colgeio San Jorge de Miraflores
First Coast News was with us, as we skyped with Peru as part of their "Teacher of the Week" feature.

They are a 5th grade class. They have 30 students in their class.
One student is from Holland and speaks, Spanish, English and Dutch. He did not know what Hebrew or Jews were. In Peru they are about to start their summer vacation.
It was 23 Celcius there today. In Florida we had about 26 Degrees C.

In Peru, they are many beaches on the Pacific Ocean. They also have one of the 7 world wonders there (Machu Picchu)

Comments from our Backchannel:
"I think it is so cool that we are skyping with other countries", I' m starting to feel like I am really wanting to travel now "

Chocowinity, NC
Chocowiniy Primary School.
Kelly Hines' 4th Grade class.
There are over 600 students at their school.
Chocwinity , an Indian word, means "Land of many Fishes"
Eastern North Carolina. They are about 5 hours away from Charlotte.
It is about 70 Degrees F. today for them.
We explain to them what Hanukkah is.

Nelson, New Zealand
Appleby School.
3rd grade class from Nelson, New Zealand. Nelson is located on the Southern Island of New Zealand.
We sang a Hanukkah song for them and in return they danced a Pa Mai for us.

Edenton, NC
White Oak School.
Our librarian, Mrs. L. was so kind to offer to read a Hanukkah story, Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins" by Erik Kimmel. While she read her copy, we showed the illustrations of another copy of the book to the first grade class in North Carolina via the webcam.
Everyone had fun chiming in "Go Hershel, go Hershel..."
We also shared our Hanukkia and about our favorite Hanukkah food: latkes.

Lexington, SC
White Knoll Elementary.
Our second graders gave a Hanukkah presentation to the 2nd grade class from Lexington, SC.
  • We shared the story of Hanukkah, the two miracles that happened there.
  • We sang a Hanukkah song.
  • We lit the menorah and chanted the Hebrew prayers
  • We showed them our Dreidl and explained how to play it.
  • They sand a Dreidle song to us!