What do you need to connect with another school and Skype?
  • Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Downloaded Skype program
  • webcam (usually has an integrated multidirectional microphone)
  • microphone (if not integrated with webcam)

How to set up Skype?

How to set up your classroom?
  • Have 1-4 "hot seats" in front of the camera
  • Have the area around the webcam well lit

Skyping for the first time
I would suggest to set up a test skype before you skype with your students the first time. Nothing is more nerve wrecking than to have a classroom full of students and NOTHING is happening on the screen.
I have tested the skype set up between two classrooms in our school before, as well as with the other school. Let the students know that technology is not fail proof. Have a backup plan, in case your call does not go through or your internet connection is down.

How to add/edit the project's Google Map?
You will become an invited contributor and then you will be able to add or edit the project's map.
You must have a google account to be able to edit the map.
Even if your school has Google Apps the package does not include Maps. You will be able to view, but not edit.
Make sure that Around the World with 80 Schools map is selected. Then click on the edit button.

Scroll down to your school's placemark and double click, that will open up the placemark edit window. Type in your text. In order to link or insert an image, click on "Rich Text".
You can also click on the default blue placemark in order to choose another placemark icon.

You can insert links or images into the placemark.

When you have completed editing the map, make sure your click on "Done"