Better late than never! We held our first visit with Lisa Lucas's first grade class in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania on Thursday, April 23, 2009.
Ms Joanna Miller's students here in Madrid shared some of their favorite morning calendar routines as a means to share our current climate information and then sang a song. Ms Lucas's student sang a song to us in Spanish, which was very exciting as many of our students speak Spanish as their first language and the rest of us are learning to speak Spanish. The children were very interested to learn the time difference, that we were ending our school day as they were beginning theirs. We are looking forward to another call with more kids somewhere in the world!

Visit #2 April 28, 2009 between Ms Coulter's (ASM) and Ms Lanning's (Benton, TN, US) fifth grade classes.
The conversation was fun and interesting- comparing a school with students from around the world with a US public school. There were as many or more similarities as there were differences.
Here are some student comments:
  • Their state is made up mostly of woods, mountains and rivers.
  • They have a different accent, I liked it.
  • They are making a musical for the end of the school year.
  • Their school has grades 1-5 and we have grades K-12
  • They have a state test that they just finished taking.
  • We just had a science fair and they have a state fair where they show what they learned about different states.
  • They like lots of video games that we like.
  • We like about the same types of music and sports.
  • Their school is public and ours is private, they aren't international like we are.

Visit #3 April 30, 2009 between Ms McBride's first grade (ASM) and Ms Leo and a Jackson School Grade One Spanish class (Newton, MA, US)

This was the first call as part of the 80 Schools Collaboration but they had a video chat with buddies in Maryland last fall. Ms McBride's class shared a poem about spring and the Jackson School students sang and moved to the song, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Spanish for ASM kids. Many of the Madrid kids recognized the song and words and sang and moved along with their buddies in Massachusetts. After, they asked questions and responded to each other in English and Spanish both. The kids in Massachusetts speak Spanish very well! The call was ended with cheerful closings of "Adios" and "Hasta luego!"
Speaking to the camera and our buddies

Our buddies singing in Spanish

Visit #4 May 6, 2009 between Ms Coulter's (ASM) and Ms Hellyer's (International School of Bangkok) grade 5 classes.

There are 53 nationalities at their school. There are 7 nationalities in their classroom, we have 8 in ours. We are in Europe, they are in Asia. Both our schools are international. They are leaving school when we arrive in the morning. They are interested in museums.
Thailand’s name is the biggest name in the Guiness book of World Records. The weather in Bangkok is warm all year. The food is very cheap.
A lot of them are scared and excited about the lockers in the middle school. They move to a new building for middle school next year, like us. They have ice cream in their cafeteria. There are over 1800 students in their school.